"Patti possesses a rare talent for slowing down time and preserving memories. Always innovative and fun, "Aunt Patti" is a favorite with our children. Her portraits unfailingly become valued treasures.Thank you, my friend! On the fast train of life , you stop special moments from running away!"

- Todd and Stephanie Morgan, Will, Eli, Madeline, and Sydney

"Your pictures are always wonderful; without fail, they capture the essence of my girls, the good and the bad, the sweet and the mischievous. There is no better way to hold on to the memories of childhood. Our albums are priceless treasures."
- Mike and Dana Grimes Brewis, Karstin, Kensley, Collyn and Camryn

"I love the book! Thank you so much for it! I thought all the pictures turned out so well with it. I wouldn't change any of them."
- Mary Helen

"Thank you so much for the pictures. They are some of the most beautiful pictures we have ever seen. The are the most wonderful pictures we have ever had made of Alex. This means more to us than we can ever express."
- Wade, Brandi, Alex, and Nathan

"Patti, Thank you for the pictures of the youth at Clearview Church. I really had a lot of fun that afternoon. You are always a blessing and no wonder everyone calls you to take their picture. The pictures are really beautiful."
- Elaine and the gang